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Laura Wright’s Portfolio

Laura Portfolio

Paul Schacht’s Portfolio

My test portfolio

Mary Carolyn McGrath’s Portfolio

Mary Carolyn McGrath’s Portfolio

Business Psychology

Not-For-Profit Arts Administration

An Individualized Studies Major exploring how Arts Not-for-Profits operate in the U.S.

Francheska Colon’s Portfolio

The Black Curriculum Ambassadorship Project.

Wen Jing Jiang’s Portfolio

My area of study looks into visualization and models for data in the biology and applied math field. I will use my coding skills to look into trends in data and future projections and apply this to my project.

Music in Special Education

Music can help improve the learning experience for students with disabilities. I have studied Childhood Education, Special Education and Music to learn about how music can be used as a tool to help students with […]

Movement and Play-based Learning

Learning can happen in many ways, In my studies I explore how children can learn through movement and play based activities. This study extends beyond academic learning including both social and emotional growth.

ELL Google My Maps Plan

ELL Google My Maps Plan

My CDL project site

Ashlee Rose Kuzemchak’s Portfolio

Third-year psychology student at SUNY Geneseo with minors in both geological sciences and art history. Currently serving as a GOLD Leader Mentor and coordinating the Little Free Thoughts Library on campus. Serving […]

Childhood Development through Play

One major theme I’ve learned from my previous studies in Childhood Education is that play is a critical factor in a child’s learning and development. Creating art and engaging in physical activities both have t […]

Corporate Education

As an ISM student, I have combined 2 areas of study to try and highlight the importance of both of those areas. These two areas of study are Business Administration and Childhood Education classes. I have become […]