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As an ISM student, I have combined 2 areas of study to try and highlight the importance of both of those areas. These two areas of study are Business Administration and Childhood Education classes. I have become inspired by these two areas of study due to my future/current career path. I work for a Fortune Top 100 company called “Wegmans”. These two subjects and or majors play a large during your career at Wegmans. Wegmans spends a great amount of money on training their employees. Training also correlates to educating. We are educating our people about our company. We as adults know, that all people do not learn the same, that’s where the education aspect of the degree comes in. How can we better teach our employees so that they can better understand our expectations, and also be able to perform for our company better. The other aspect of the degree is Business classes. There are a lot of aspects of business that will help you better understand how the company operates, and overall better understand your knowledge of the company as a whole.

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