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Jacob Smith’s Portfolio

Portfolio for Writing Seminar

Julia Weber’s Portfolio

Julia Weber Portfolio

Bella Goodyear’s Portfolio

Bella Goodyear’s Portfolio

Bella’s Blog

Abigail Hildebrant’s Portfolio

Hi my name is Abigail Hildebrant and this is my portfolio! This will include my blog posts for INTD105.

Josh Garelle’s Portfolio

My portfolio for Theatre Therapy for Vets

James Cortes’s Portfolio


Paige Loucks’s Portfolio

my portfolio!

Paul Schacht’s Portfolio

My test portfolio

Laura Wright’s Portfolio

Laura Portfolio

Mary Carolyn McGrath’s Portfolio

Mary Carolyn McGrath’s Portfolio

Business Psychology

Not-For-Profit Arts Administration

An Individualized Studies Major exploring how Arts Not-for-Profits operate in the U.S.

Francheska Colon’s Portfolio

The Black Curriculum Ambassadorship Project.