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Child & Youth Studies: School, Family & Self

My ISM requires the synthesis of the specific disciplinary areas of psychology and sociology. The three social pillars I will be focusing on all coincide with these disciplines as all these pillars are affected by […]

Amanda Schmidt’s Portfolio

The Digital Humanities and Learning Coordinator for Geneseo’s Center for Digital Learning.

Jada Atwood’s Portfolio

hypothetical/imagined project

Jamie Henshaw’s Portfolio

Jamie Henshaw’s Portfolio

Temporary Portfolio

Nima Sherpa’s Portfolio

Nima Sherpa’s Portfolio


Margaux Carmel’s Portfolio

This portfolio website is dedicated to my 2021 Ambassador of Diversity project ”Identity for All,” or I4A for short. This project also ties into my senior capstone project for my Women’s and Gender Studies major.

Stephanie Wall’s Portfolio

Teacher Portfolio

Emma Raupp’s Portfolio

Emma’s Portfolio

Benjamin Michalak’s Community Engagement Ambassadorship

For his project, Ben will create an online archival, art-focused resource site for the town of Perry, NY. The history of Perry’s commitment to the arts is rich, but unknown to many. In an effort to attract p […]

Valeria Guarneros’s Portfolio

Valeria Guarneros’s Portfolio

Bias and its development

Joseph Edizel’s Portfolio

Theatre as Social Therapy

Kara Burke’s Science Communication Magazine Portfolio

I will be creating a science communication magazine over the next semester called The Geneseo Element to bring together students of all different disciplines to write and discuss science.