Project: Digital Scholarly Editing in the Undergraduate Classroom

  1. Introductions (15 min)
    • to us as a group
    • to IITG open-access module project
    • to Walden itself, including Huntington images
  2. “Sand Foliage”: how to construct a revision narrative (30 min)
    • introduction to “final” version of “Sand Foliage” passage
    • whole-group discussion of salient themes in that passage
    • contextual framing of manuscript images 
    • small-group activity: thinking through revision via manuscript images
  3. TEI as scholarly love language (30 min)
    • demonstration of how TEI allows encoding of textual interpretation
    • small-group activity: trying out TEI
    • discussion of encoding decisions made by this group: why and wherefore
    • show what work this group has done on the passage?
  4. Concluding discussion of pedagogical applications (10 min)
    • introduction to modules
    • segue into next week’s session  

Total minutes allotted: 85/90

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