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Geneseo Tempestry

Geneseo Tempestry

Calling all knitters, crocheters, and fiber crafters at Geneseo! Are you interested in combining your love of stitching with learning about and demonstrating the effects of climate change as well as celebrating SUNY Geneseo’s 150th year? Of course you are! Using the 2021 daily high temperature data from the weather station at Putnam Hall, our community will visualize data through our chosen crafts. The result will be gorgeous, multicolored temperature tapestries— aka, “tempestries”— for you to display!


Center for Digital Learning

Center for Digital Learning

Education and knowledge-creation in the twenty-first century are unimaginable without digital tools for research and creative expression, classroom learning, and learning at a distance. At SUNY Geneseo, the Center for Digital Learning works to put these tools within reach of all faculty, staff, and students. We also work to ensure that these tools are used responsibly and effectively in ways that advance student success, promote equity, respect diversity, and foster inclusiveness.

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